Samsung is Gearing up to Release a SmartWatch with a Solar Battery Strap


Electronic devices make our lives easier in many ways. But there is a caveat – you need to bring a power outlet with you. Most smartphones want autonomy, but not all of them can attain that. Only a few of these smartphones may be able to work for 3 days. This shows why you need to bring a power outlet to help you charge your devices on the go.

Samsung is one of the electronic device manufacturers that are taking a bold step to fix this issue. The company has a patent and a few samples to prove that it has been working on smartwatches that will make you less reliant on power outlets. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is set to pioneer this new trend that will be as irresistible as Woo Casino has been.

One of the recurring problems with smartwatches is lower uptime. Larger batteries could have solved the problem. Yet the consideration for the small gadget cast of the watch makes that impossible. The challenge gets bigger if the manufacturer introduces high-quality brilliant screens. Your choice is always between two extremes of choosing compactness or a lot of weight.

We think that this difficult comparison is about to come to an end, thanks to Samsung. The company is building something that cannot be resisted.

Solar-Powered Watch

Samsung SmartWatch

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to wear a smartwatch that can be powered by solar? A recently disclosed patent by Samsung points in that direction. The design features solar cells attached to each portion of the strap of the watch. The exposure to sunlight, as claimed by Samsung, can be modified. The modification comes in the form of using a polymer with quantum dots over solar cells.

This design is not new, as you may think. Samsung claims to have filed it since 2019. It is however gaining traction by the day because of the recent commitment of the company to work on it. This came after the disclosure was made by USPTO.

Powered by Solar Battery

The Fenix 6X Pro Solar is one of the most popular sundials manufactured by Garmin. It is worth noting that this may not be the only solution to the lower battery function of the smartwatches to be rolled out by Samsung. This is because of the potential lower discharge rate, which is its primary function.

Garmin explained that this design would go a long way to reduce the dependence on power outlets. Smartwatches can last longer than before. The impression is that the smartwatches to be manufactured by Samsung may not depend on power outlets as much.

However, it is unlikely that this would be sustained. The general impression is that the energy collected by the watch might be unable to serve all your needs.

You also need to take note of the exposure. For example, the smartwatch may work best if you stay in your office; with it tucked into your winter jacket. The same cannot be said of walking with it strapped on your wrist on a hot, sunny day.

The general idea is that the more exposed the smartwatch is exposed to sunlight, the less functional it becomes.

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