Games of Chances You Won’t Find in the Modern Casino


For many people, gambling is primarily associated with poker, blackjack and roulette. These are indeed the most popular games in both land-based and online gambling dens such as Cookie casino. But in the world, there are other exciting games of chance that you won’t find in the usual casino list. 

Some of them are so unusual that can blow your mind. Things that could seem weird and exotic in Canada, can be completely ordinary for a resident of Oceania and Australia. For example, betting on sea crab races.

Sea Crab Races

Sea Crab Races

Horse racing is not been something unusual to anyone for a long time, but crab races are quite popular in Australia. These competitions are held in many bars and restaurants in Sydney and throughout the country.

In these establishments, large tables are set up, where the races take place. All crabs start from the center of the table, and the one that gets to the edge faster wins. To reach the finish line, the crabs are helped by “drovers” who show them the direction by tapping with sticks.

Spectators gather around the table. They have fun, eat, drink and, of course, bet on the likely winner of the race. 

Cricket Fighting in China

Betting on boxing and MMA bouts are very popular in Canada, but have you ever heard of jaw-clenching cricket fighting championships?

Cricket fighting is a traditional Chinese entertainment with a thousand-year history. It is very popular with the locals and attracts thousands of tourists all the time. 

Interestingly, battle crickets are far from cheap. Their cost can reach several thousand dollars. Only male crickets take part in the fights.

Before the fight, “coaches” try to anger the crickets by touching them with sticks and then the bout begins. The winner stays with his master, but the defeated cricket is traditionally set free.


This game fills the niche of slot machines in Japan because usual Western slots are prohibited there. The game is a kind of mix of slots and pinball. Numerous balls are released from above, and the player, using special levers, tries to drive as many of them into the holes as possible.

There are no money winnings in this game. The winner receives a small physical prize. But Japanese entrepreneurs have found a loophole in the law that allows Pachinko’s prizes to be exchanged for money. They have set up small shops right next to the Pachinko parlors where players can exchange their winnings for cash without breaking the law.

Gambling venues with Pachinko in Japan are found on almost every corner, and their manufacturers are the richest people in the country!

Only a small number of unusual gambling games have been presented in this article. However, there are still many interesting and sometimes strange games in the world that keep the fascinating history and traditions of people and countries. The next time you go on vacation abroad, be sure to check out the local gambling den. Who knows what you might find?

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