Bookmakers that void the bet

Bookmakers that void the bet

This is the largest group of bookmakers and in this case the stake is returned to the player when the bet is cancelled. With this type of bookmaker, there is no risk of losing money (or winning money, for that matter). These bookmakers are more suitable for betting on favourites with ambitions in the tournament and a clear victory, unless something unfortunate happens, such as an injury.

For bets to stand, the match must have been played in its entirety. If not, i.e. the player retires before the end of the match, bets will be declared void and any money wagered will be returned to the punters.

Bookmakers based on the first set


With these bookmakers there is some risk if the match completes the first set. If the first set is not completed, these bookmakers act in the same way as the previous bookmakers and void bets.

After the end of the first set, if there is a drop out, the player who goes through will be considered the winner of the match. This leaves us exposed to losing the bet if the player we have bet on withdraws. On the other hand, we can also win the bet if the opponent withdraws.

This circumstance opens up the possibility of looking for other betting strategies if, for example, we know that a player has physical problems or is playing in a minor tournament simply because of a commitment to be present. In any case, these houses are more advisable to use when betting on underdogs, not favourites, in search of a surprise.


We know from the press that Djokovic has some physical problems, so we bet on his opponent. In the second set of the match the Serb calls the masseur and sees that he cannot continue. Having finished the first set and pass round his opponent by abandonment of Djokovic, in these houses we would have won the bet.

Bookmakers based on the start of the match


These bookmakers consider all bets valid if the match has started, regardless of the game or set in which it is. In order to settle them, they give the winner as the tennis player who qualifies for the next round. Like the bookmakers based on the first set, it is better to use Codere or Retabet for riskier bets where you are looking to go against the favourite, with the advantage that you don’t have to wait for the first set to finish.


Federer plays a minor tournament to prepare for a big event starting the following week. There is a possibility that he will retire before the end of the tournament to give himself a chance to recover. By betting on his opponents, if Federer withdraws at any time after the match has started, we would win the bet.

It is important to know the rules of the bookmakers in the event of injury or withdrawal of a tennis player to understand how they will act in each case and to be able to better define our strategies when betting. Remember that information is always the bettor’s best ally.

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