Special tips for betting on women’s football

betting on women's football

All these differences that we have obtained by analysing the two disciplines is something that the big bookmakers are also aware of. In recent times, they have been giving more coverage to women’s football, especially in major national championships. 

The club leagues and even the international club competitions are still somewhat neglected. It is also true that there is less information about them and the demand is in line with this information from the mainstream media. For example, it is somewhat unusual to find forecasts on women’s football matches, but time will tell. 

The best thing to do in women’s football is to bet wisely

It is essential to have information about the tournament in question before placing any bets, as experts in the field suggest. Favourites, underdogs, best players, etc.  

As women’s club football is practically non-existent in the media, it is normal that punters bet much less on these betting tips. As a result, bookmakers have much less to offer.  

We will give you some tips for this: 

women's football

1. Be well informed before a big national team tournament.

This information is essential for those who decide to bet on women’s football, thanks to the number of options offered by the big bookmakers. These will be on a par with almost any men’s football match. 

2. Women’s football tends to score more goals per game.

This is due to the fact that there is greater inequality and that, as there are still few professionals in most countries, they cannot afford as many tactical sessions as the men’s teams. 

This is noticeable when it comes to defending. Attacking has more to do with talent, and there are more and more players with innate technical quality to do the same as their male counterparts, but defending is about training and tactics has to do with the hours they can afford to train. The lack of professionalism in many of the national teams prevents a faster tactical evolution and, therefore, they tend to give more defensive facilities. 

This naturally translates into more goals. Therefore, the goal market in women’s football betting is more exploited. For example, it is not unusual for a World Championship match to have more than 4 goals. 

3. Combinations are often what bettors do.

As surprises are less likely in matches with a large potential difference, it is natural for experts to make betting combinations with matches of this type. 

The odds are naturally lower, but it is also true that 5 or 6-way bets on men’s football would be much more difficult to get right. 

4. Bookmark specialised women’s football websites as “favourites”.

betting on football

The fourth tip is focused on closely following women’s football. It is not only important to find out which teams are favourites, but to go further. There are more and more websites specialised in women’s football, and as the information in the mainstream media is often scarce, knowing these websites can give us important information. 

Bookmakers do not follow women’s football so closely and we can find very interesting odds, as well as valuebets, also known as value bets.

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